Reflections on the Sunday’s Readings and Spiritual Practice: April 19, 2015

Emmaus WalkThis is the Third Sunday of Easter. Easter provides a new heaven and a new earth that is meant for everyone -- we just don’t all know it yet! Gratefully, Peter reminds us that God is faithful even when we make mistakes. In the gospel, Jesus invites us to peace and understanding through praying the scriptures and sharing Eucharist. Through recognition of the presence of Christ and connecting into community, may we become witnesses strengthened to bring God’s love to the world. How is God inviting me to know and to share resurrection life? How can I witness to God’s love and bring drink to those who thirst?


  • Acts 3:13-15, 17-19. God has glorified the one you killed. God of our ancestors is patient and faithful as we come to understanding and as we misunderstand in our assumed faithfulness.
  • 1 John 2:1-5a. We have an intercessor in Jesus
  • Luke 24:35-38. The story of the journey to Emmaus. Look, it is really I. You are my witnesses. Jesus opens our minds and breaks us out of our boxes.

Divorce Care: A Program for Divorced and Separated

DivorceCareDivorced? Separated? Divorce Care...can help.

The Churches of St. Albert the Great, St. Aloysius, St. Bernadette, Epiphany, and Immaculate Conception (LaGrange) have joined together to offer Divorce Care, a seminar/support group that will help you heal from the hurt. We will meet weekly on Wednesdays, beginning May 13, 2015, 7:00 to 9:00 PM at St. Bernadette’s Parish Center.

Each of the 13 sessions will address a different topic, such as “What’s Happening to Me?”, “Facing My Depression”, “Financial Survival” along with other practical sessions. The program is faith-based and includes informational videos along with small group discussion.

Ministry: Formation

Parish Grant Program 2015


Deadline approaches for applications for Epiphany’s Annual Grants. Grant applications must be received by April 23, 2015. Epiphany solicits applications for our annual grant program for projects that involve Epiphany members and meet grant guidelines. Applications are submitted by an Epiphany member.

For more information and for an application, guidelines, and process, contact Larry Howe-Kerr at or 502-245-9733, or you can view this information in PDF format, click HERE. (The application can be sent to you electronically  in WORD format if requested.)

Grant Criteria

Ministry: Ten Percent

Calling All Youth for a Hand-in-Hand Appalachia Mission Trip this June

What: Hand-in-Hand Appalachia Mission Trip

Who: Youth who are at least 14 years of age

When: June 17-20, 2015

Cost: $200 * Scholarships are available*


We have another opportunity to experience the joy of the Gospel by working with people in Appalachia. We invite youth who are at least 14 years old to participate in this life sharing experience of meeting people in their need and sharing what we can with them. This Trip is sponsored by Hand-in-Hand Minsitries in conjunction with Epiphany's Youth Ministry. 

Ministry: Youth Formation

Neophyte Sharon Butler

SharonThe following witness was given by Sharon Butler at the 9:00 AM mass on April 12, 2014. She was welcomed into the church through the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist at the Easter Vigil.

The Illumination

Ellen Wells and I were confirmed at the Easter vigil. My daughters were here for the vigil and very moved by it. One daughter had never been to Mass. After the vigil, they talked about their own profound experience as they witnessed the movement from dark to light.

I began to think about this and realized that RCIA is also a journey from dark to light. The God I thought was far away became present everywhere in people, nature, and yes, in the workplace. In RCIA we developed our connections to God through prayer and scripture. We saw God revealed in who we are as a people and the importance of using our lives to express our love for God. God’s love for us was illuminated.

Ministry: RCIA

Neophyte Ellen Wells

EllenThe following witness was given by Ellen Wells at the 9:00 AM mass on April 12, 2014. She was welcomed into the church through the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist at the Easter Vigil.

I am not a wordy person.

One of my Trivia teammates expressed my sentiments very well when I told them that I was a candidate in RCIA and one response was “ Why has it taken you so long in getting here”? I am very happy to be here.

The educational program that Sister Mary implemented was/is comprehensive and has been very beneficial to me through this spiritual journey. My spiritual growth will be a life-long process. Thank you Sister Mary and all of your educators and religious scholars.

Ministry: RCIA

Giving Drink to the Thirsty

DrinkGod intended the earth and everything in it for the sake of all human beings.” (Popularum Progressio 22) “Thus created goods should flow fairly to all. All other rights, whatever they may be, are subordinated to this principle.” (Gaudium et Spes 69)

No person or country may have surplus if others do not have the basic necessities.” (Rerum Novarum 19; Quadragesima Anno 50-51; Mater et Magistra 119-121; Popularum Progressio 230)

Nearly 1-billion people lack access to a supply of safe water. More than 3.4 million people a year die from water-related diseases. Every 21 seconds a child in the world dies of such diseases. Nearly one-fifth of all childhood deaths are caused by diarrhea, which kills more young children than AIDS, TB, and malaria combined. (Source:

We live in a world that's thirsty. What can we do?

Ministry: Worship

Attention Young Catholics

LYC logoLouisville Young Catholics (LYC) is a network of both single and married young adults in the Archdiocese of Louisville and surrounding area, dedicated to connecting and encouraging young adults.

Join LYC for a wide variety of events including monthly Pub nights at Saints, “Christ in the City” Holy Hour, special events-some with our Archbishop, etc.

Ministry: Adult Formation

Engaging Men to End Violence Against Women

Own It logoWhat: A Presentation on “Engaging Men to End Violence Against Women”

When: April 19, 2015 – 7:00 PM

Where: Community Center

Presenter: Rus Funk

MEN OF EPIPHANY, the Women's Concerns Committee & the Social Responsibility Steering Committee will host Rus Funk, Coordinator of Male Engagement for the Center for Women and Families. The title of his talk is "Engaging Men to End Violence Against Women."  Rus is a longtime activist in the movement to end sexual and domestic violence. He is a well-known presenter and trainer working with men in support of women's human rights. His book, Reaching Men: Strategies for Preventing Sexist Attitudes, Behaviors and Violence, is widely regarded as a critical resource for engaging men and boys. All parishioners as well as their guests are invited to attend. Refreshments will be served. Click here for more information or call Mike McLaughlin, 262-6032 for more info.

Other information from the US Catholic Bishops:

Ministry: Men of Epiphany

Reflections on the Sunday’s Readings and Spiritual Practice: April 12, 2015

CommunityThis is the Second Sunday of Easter. Today’s readings describe a community of believers who held everything in common, caring for the needy, loving the children of God, bringing effective peace and forgiveness to all. We gather, like the first disciples, to reflect on the meaning of these days after the crucifixion and resurrection. We ask ourselves: what are the signs of his presence; how is he still alive among us? Do we share what we have with the needy, so “no one lacks anything”?


  • Acts 4:32-35. Luke paints an idealized picture of the earliest communities. Here, holding all things in common followed from the preaching of the resurrection as a way to care for the community’s needy members - and “no one lacked anything.”