Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: February 1, 2015

prophetThis is the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Moses is telling all the people that a prophet, like him, will be raised by God from within their own kin for them to listen to who will speak God’s words. It is important to note that in the culture of the people, a leader, or a prophet, carries the message of God. Just like kings were considered to represent in some way the divine, or speak for the divine, a prophet’s responsibility was to speak in God’s name and be true to God’s commands. Whoever did not listen to the prophet, will have to answer to God. And, if a prophet speaks what God has not commanded to be spoken will have to answer to God too. People were to trust the prophet speaking in God’s name, yet be weary of messages of false gods and teaching. In true listening, the people should discern the truth of God’s commands.

Readings for this Sunday:

African-American Bishop Speaks from Experience About Racism in America

Bishop BraxtonBishop Edward K. Braxton has seen the ugly face of racism up close and personal–and so is uniquely qualified to speak out about Ferguson and other flashpoints in America’s racial history. 

This week, Bishop Braxton, the bishop of Belleville, issued a pastoral letter on the racial divide in the United States.

He encourages everyone to Pray, Listen, Learn, Think, and Act.

Ministry: Undoing Racism

Blood Mobile Coming January 26, 2015

Blood MobileWhat: Red Cross Blood Mobile

When: January 26, 2015 -  2:00 PM until 7:00 PM

Where: Community Center

The Red Cross Blood Mobile will be at Epiphany on Monday, January 26, 2015 from 2:00 until 7:00 PM.

Signups for donors and volunteers will be after the liturgies weekend of January 24-25, 2015 and online. (Use “Sponsor Code” 024603.)

Ministry: Community Care

Reflections on Sunday’s Readings – January 25, 2015

Jesus calling the fishermenThis is the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time: The underlying theme in all of today’s readings is the urgency in hearing the message of Jesus; urgency in accepting the reign of God; and urgency in promoting the reign of God and in spreading the reign of God. The readings call us to understand Kairos time. Kairos time is the in breaking of God into our lives. How is God manifested in our time and in our lives? Once we hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and commit to following him, we become evangelizers of the Good News of Jesus Christ in our day and time. Are we open to a new way of living that Jesus teaches? To commit to Jesus Christ means that we are called to believe and to trust in the one who saves and redeems us. We can no longer cling to the world’s values.

Readings for this Sunday:

Feast of Epiphany January 4, 2015 – A Special Celebration


MinistersOur feast day this January took on an added festive atmosphere because we were not just celebrating our naming as a parish but we were blessing our new connector, our new baptismal font and expanded worship area. We wanted to thank God for what has been accomplished. We wanted to recommit ourselves to the mission of Jesus Christ.

KingIt was an honor that Archbishop Kurtz was able to celebrate our 11:30 AM liturgy and stay afterwards to greet parishioners in the Community Center. It was an honor to have at the same liturgy the pastors from our Covenant Churches celebrating with us: Rev. Michael Delk from St. Luke’s Episcopal and Dr. Dee Wade from Anchorage Presbyterian. Rev. Delk and Rev. Wade both brought a jar of their baptismal water to pour into our new font; both pastors blessed our community at the end of Mass. The theme of Archbishop Kurtz’s homily was one family under God. His words powerfully reinforced the importance of community here at Epiphany.

Ministry: Worship

Presentation on “Transparency and Accountability in Frankfort” set for January 18

KY logoWhat: Transparency and Accountability in Frankfort: Budgets, Pensions, and the Need for more Revenue!

Who: Author Chris Tobe, and State Representative Jim Wayne

When: January 18, 2015 – 7:00 PM

Where: Community Center

Sponsored by: Men of Epiphany

Sunday, January 18, 7:00-9:00 PM, Men of Epiphany will host parishioner and author, Chris Tobe, and State Representative Jim Wayne, in a talk entitled, Transparency and Accountability in Frankfort: Budgets, Pensions, and the Need for more Revenue!

Ministry: Men of Epiphany

Phone Callers Needed!

Phone CallThe Stewardship Committee needs to call all parishioners who have not returned their stewardship information. This is a one-time call to remind them to fill out and turn in their packets.

  • Your choice: Call from home or from Epiphany. This will be done mid-January.

If you are able to help with phone calling, or want more information, contact a Stewardship Committee member:

Ministry: Stewardship

Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: January 18, 2015

SamuelThis is the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time. Each of today’s characters plays a role. Samuel needed the help of Eli to figure out that God is the one calling him. Eli even helped Samuel by telling him the best response, “Speak, for your servant is listening.” In the gospel, it is John the Baptist who points out Jesus calling by saying “Behold, the Lamb of God!” John knew. Andrew heard. Andrew’s response was to not only follow Jesus, but also bring his brother Simon to meet Jesus who gives Simon the name Peter.

The readings help us determine where we are with our relationship to God, to Jesus. Obviously our responses can change over our lifetime, and even change throughout a much smaller portion of time. Where am I today in this all-important relationship? Am I one who recognizes the voice or presence? If so, what do I do with that awareness? How freely do I respond? How willing am I to draw another into the circle of loving relationship to which each of us is called? If I am one to whom another is opening God’s presence and desires, how do I respond?

Readings for this Sunday:

Twitter and Facebook mobile links fixed!

TwitterFacebookThere was recently a problem with the links in the @Epiphany40223 Twitter feed or churchofepiphany Facebook timeline: if you tapped on the links from a mobile phone, you would be taken to Epiphany's mobile-friendly mini web site instead of being taken to the relevant web page on Epiphany's web site.

The problem has now been fixed -- when you tap on links in Epiphany's Twitter feed or Facebook timeline, you should now be taken to the story 

Women’s Retreat with Br. Bob Baxter, OFM Conv.

Women's RetreatWhat: Women’s Retreat

When: January 24-25, 2015 (starting 8:00 PM Friday night)

Where: Mount St. Francis Center for Spirituality (Mt. St. Francis, IN  47146)

The Adult Formation Team has heard you! A women’s retreat with Brother Bob Baxter is scheduled! The date is January 23-24, 2015, beginning at 8:00 PM Friday through Saturday, ending with Mass at 4:30 PM.

Ministry: Adult Formation