Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: August 2, 2015

MannaThis is the Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Change: It is something we are not always comfortable with. Big change: now that is more than uncomfortable. It is scary. The fear we may lead us to resist a change that we know is good for us. And yet change is considered to be what conversion is about. Change is one characteristic of the Spirit. It is good but it may not be easy.

The Israelites in our reading from Exodus have found out that the freedom from the slavery of Egypt is scary. They are following Moses, hence God, and are free, but the fear they feel makes them wish they were slaves back in Egypt. So they grumble and whine. The difficulties and challenges are too much. They would rather have the security of oppression.

The “Catholic Letters” coming Wednesdays of August

Letters to the ChurchWhat: Study of the “Catholic Letters”

When: Wednesdays of August 2015, 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Where: Community Center

The Catholic Letters are those New Testament epistles written to strengthen Christian communities scattered across a wide region of the Roman empire. They are the seven letters of the New Testament that follow the letters of St. Paul are collectively referred to as the “Catholic Epistles.” This term, which means “universal,” refers to the fact that most of them are directed not to a single Christian community, as are most of the Pauline letters, but to a wider audience. They are the letters of James, Peter, John and Jude. Profound differences as well as intriguing similarities can be discovered.

Ministry: Adult Formation

Traveling on Pilgrimage into the Second Half of Life

PilgrimageWhat: Traveling on Pilgrimage into the Second Half of Life Workshop

When: August 19, 2015, 1:00 - 3:30 PM

Where: Community Center

Traveling on Pilgrimage into the Second Half of Life is a workshop to be presented by Jane Thibault on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 from 1:00 - 3:30 PM. Registration required. Please either call 245-9733 or email Therese Brennan let us know you are coming and how many people you plan to bring with you.

Ministry: Adult Formation

Information about World Meeting of Families

World Meeting of FamiliesThe Archdiocese of Louisville has created a website in support of the World Meeting of Families and Papal Visit.

The website’s purpose is to provide as many resources and experiences as possible so that families in the Archdiocese of Louisville can share in the fruits of these events through prayer, education, and action in the weeks leading up to, during the week of the World Meeting and Papal Visit, and as the Synod on the Family takes place.

Ministry: Adult Formation

NET (Network for Employment Transition)

People networkingIf you are unemployed, underemployed, or seeking other employment, or if you know anyone who is, then look to Epiphany’s NET for assistance – send an email to or call +1 502-558-2154, and you will be connected to a personal facilitator who can help with your job search.

Get enrolled in our email registry to receive periodic notices of workshops, employment opportunities, speaker events, and more.

SEL - Singles over 40 Explore Life – Planning Supper

Majid'sJoin us at our annual planning supper at Majid's July 29, 2015 at 6:30 PM.

RSVP to Rebecca +1 502-454-0268. Find out what SEL is all about and all of our yearly activities!

SEL (Singles Explore Life) is an enthusiastic group of persons who are single, over 40 years of age, and unlimited in creative thinking, who meet for enrichment and social activities. It is an opportunity to meet others with similar interests.

Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: July 26, 2015

Bread and jugToday is the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time. This is the first of five weekends of John’s gospel focusing on the “Bread of Life,” beginning with the feeding of the multitude. God certainly seems to value nourishing meals. They are among the actions performed by the prophets and they are Jesus’ favorite events for teaching and transformation; they are signs of the presence of the reign of God. Are we receiving the abundance of life God desires for us? Are we sharing Christ’s nourishing love with those around us, especially with those most in need?

This Sunday’s Readings:

Parish Council Releases Long Range Plan 2015-2019

Long Range PlanUnder the leadership of the Parish Pastoral Council and the Long Range Planning Committee, Epiphany has dedicated hundreds of hours of time over the last 18 months: through the parish-wide survey answered by over 300 parishioners, external church surveys, numerous PPC/Staff daylong retreats, and ad hoc committee meetings of additional parishioners (developing action plans) to develop a five year plan for Epiphany. We have sought input from the archdiocese, parishioners, staff, numerous publications, and other parishes to identify trends and best practices we would like to implement.

This dynamic plan will help Epiphany focus on becoming the best version of ourselves for the future, with an emphasis on hospitality, and “quality, not quantity” when it comes to ministries and programs. The plan provides specific actions to improve on our strengths, and build new ones, reaching and engaging the most parishioners and interested Catholics possible, helping each of them grow closer to God.

[Click here] to read a summary of Epiphany’s 5 year Long Rang Plan

Registration for our 2015-2016 Confirmation Preparation program has begun!

ConfirmationWhat: Registration for our 2015-2016 Confirmation Preparation program

Who: If you’re a 9th grade or High School youth and desire the Sacrament of Confirmation, you may pick up a registration form in the back of the Worship Center. Please pick up a form there or on Epiphany’s website and return by mail or email.

A Confirmation Orientation meeting is scheduled for...

Ministry: Youth Formation

Reflections on Sunday’s Readings: July 19, 2015

GooD ShepherdThis is the 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time. As you read this, decide if, at this moment, you are one of God’s sheep or a shepherd. Most of us have been both. Whichever description we choose to name for ourselves may depend upon the happenings of the week, the life stage in which we find ourselves, or the people we encounter. Today’s readings speak to both sheep and shepherds.

Our psalm response reminds sheep that no matter what is going on in our lives, the Lord is with us. We therefore have nothing to fear. A sheep’s challenge is to recognize the Lord’s presence and the never-ending goodness and kindness that are the Lords.

Jeremiah’s passage begins with a woe to the shepherds of the Lord’s sheep since they were scattered, driven away by the shepherds. Jeremiah continues with the Lord’s promise to gather his flock and send new shepherds. In Mark’s gospel Jesus tells his apostles, the shepherds he sent, to rest in a deserted place. The shepherd’s challenges? Follow the teaching and example of Jesus and remember to take time for prayer.